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Collections And Estimates.

1. All item's collected by us for repair estimates, will incur a collection fee of £10.00, plus the estimate fee of £15.00.
Collection fee only applies to area's we list covered. We can collect from outside area's we cover by prior agreement to a collection fee and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

1A. If you book a collection, and due to unforeseen reasons, are unable to keep the appointment, It is your responsibility to either CANCEL the collection, or to rearrange for the next convenient date and time.
If the collection appointment is not cancelled and we arrive at your property and unable to collect your item, the initial collection fee will still be charged and collected on the second visit. 

2. If you accept the repair estimate, the £15.00 estimate fee, will be deducted from your final invoice total.
Therefore the estimate is deemed free of charge.

3. All item's collected by us, become the property of Ponty PCs And TVs until returned, either repaired or in the original faulty condition, if the estimate is declined.

4. The return of item or item's collected by us, shall not charged, as this is included in the collection fee.

5. All items must be collected or arrangements made to return items (If Collected By Us) within 28 days upon receipt of items at our service and repair premises, either repaired or otherwise.

6. Where items have not been collected or no arrangements have been agreed to return item or items (Collected By Us) within the 28 days, a final reminder will be sent via SMS message and Email, giving notice that after a further 7 days, if items are NOT Collected or Returned, Repaired Items will be SOLD to recover our costs, unrepaired items will be disposed of.

New And Refurbished Appliance, Sales And Guarantees.

1. All appliances boxed are new, and carry the manufacturers 12 month guarantee, from date of purchase by the customer. Any promotional extended guarantee Or purchased guarantee shall run from the expiry date of the manufacturers guarantee.

2. Any refurbished appliance purchased from Ponty PCs And TVs will be sold as seen and have a minimum guarantee period of no less than 3 calendar months from date of purchase.

Terms and Conditions of Guarantees.

1. All guarantees associated with any appliance purchased from Ponty PCs And TVs, either new or refurbished,
covers mechanical or electrical failure only.
In the event of an appliance developing a fault within the guarantee period, please return it to Ponty PCs And TVs.

2. The guarantee associated with any appliance purchased from Ponty PCs And TVs, will cover parts and labour only.

3. The guarantee applied to a repair by Ponty PCs And TVs, covers only the parts used to repair the fault and labour, if the item is returned within the guarantee period, because of a fault with the same symptoms, and is not due to the original repair failing. Charges Apply.

Appliances sold are NOT covered under any guarantee for damage arising from user misuse.

Laptop, Desktop And Tower PC Servicing Charges.
This section contains all information in relation to the charges for servicing.

Laptop Servicing.

This involves, fully dismantling of the laptop, cleaning and removing household dust and fibres accumulated in the system cooling fan and housing.
Removing processor heatsink and cleaning processor surface and applying new heatsink compound and refitting heatsink.
Checking Cmos backup battery voltage, and replaced if needed.
A visual inspection of all component mounting points, and if showing signs of stress related cracking, especially the lid hinge mounting points, epoxy glue applied to reinforce weakened fixings.
A visual inspection of the main board, looking for potential dry joints in the power and battery charging circuits.
Re-soldering any suspect joints.
Checking condition and operation of keyboard, optical drive and hard drive.
Checking battery voltage and condition, looking for signs of blistering, caused by failure of one or more lithium-ion cells.
Checking laptop charger output voltage and associated leads for sings of insulation damage / exposed conductors.
Reassembling and soak testing.

Desktop And Tower PC Servicing.

This Involves, removing the power supply unit from the case, opening the unit to remove accumulated dust from the internal fan and circuit board, a visual inspection of the condition of power supply components, particularly looking for bulging capacitors and possible dry joints, checking stability of power supply output voltages.
Removing the motherboard from the case, removing the processor system fan and heatsink, cleaning off dust from both fan and heatsink, removing and cleaning off old heatsink compound, reapplying new heatsink compound  and refitting heatsink and fan.
A visual inspection of the motherboard especially around the power input and regulation circuity, looking for bulging capacitors and dry joints on critical voltage regulator components.
Checking Cmos backup battery voltage, and replaced if needed.
Checking condition and operation of optical drive and hard drive.
Reassembling and soak testing.

Please Note.
Service Charge Does Not Include Any Replacement Components Or Parts.