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PRO Sound And Lighting
Servicing And Repairs
Power Amplifiers

Calibration, Servicing And Repairs

Whether It's A Valve Amp Or A Transistor Amp, It's Function Is To Take A Small Audio Input Signal From Either A Microphone, Guitar Or Sound Mixer And Increase It's Power To Such Levels It Will Drive A Loud Speaker.
Musicians Seem To Prefer Valve Amps, Reasons Being That They Produce A Softer And Smoother Sound Compared To Transistor Amps, This Is Due To The Electrical Operating Characteristics Of The Output Valves Compared To Transistors.
DJ's And Artistes Prefer To Use Solid State Power Amps (Transistor), The Only Reason I Can Come Up With For This, Is That They Are More Compact, Lightweight And Easier To Use.

We Have All The Necessary Tools And Test Equipment To Diagnose Faults Fast And Repair Any Brand And Style Of Amplifier.
Any Make Any Model.
Tube Amp Repairs And Servicing.

Bi-Polar And Mosfet Transistor Amps
Serviced And Repaired.

We Stock A Variety Of Consumables
And Can Make Leads To Any Required Length
Jack. RCA. Speakon. XLR.

Active Speakers

Any Brand Any Model

Their Are Many Brands And Models Of Active Speaker Available For Different Applications, From Studio Monitors To Bass Bins And Full Range PA Systems.

Here At Ponty PCs And TVs We Offer A Full Servicing And Repair Service Including Driver Replacement, Compression Driver Diaphragm Replacement And Cabinet Parts To Full Cabinet Refurbishing.

Passive Speakers

Servicing, Repairs And Refurbishing

If You Have A Passive Speaker Cabinet, Regardless Of Speaker Configuration I.E Woofer And Compression Driver, Or It's A Double Woofer With Compression Driver And Or Piezo Tweeters Or Bass Speaker, The Only Faults With This Type Of Speaker Are Driver Or Crossover Failure.
Can Be Quite Cheap To Repair If It's A Crossover Fault, More Expensive To Replace A Driver.
As With The Active Speaker, We Offer A Full Servicing And Repair Service Including Driver Replacement, Compression Driver Diaphragm Replacement, Piezo Tweeter Replacement, Replacement Cabinet Parts To Full Cabinet Refurbishing.

Lighting Control And Effects
(Analouge And Digital)

Repairs And Servicing

Even Though Analogue Lighting And Controllers Are Virtually A Thing Of The Past, They Are Still A Favourite With Some Bands On The Circuit, The Good Old PAR 56 And PAR 64 Cans Controlled By An Analogue Controller Such As The Pulsar Zero 4000 Or The Zero88 FX4 Or Possibly A Ryger Footlight 4 Controller, Right Up To The Present Day DMX Digital Controllers And Lighting Effects, From Fixed Animated LED Projection Effects, To Moving Head LED Effects And Moving Head Effects Which Use High Brightness Discharge Lamps. Laser Effects And Dimmer Packs.

We Have The Facilities To Service And Repair All Major Brands Of Lighting Controllers And Lighting Effects. From LED Array's To Stepper Motors, Power Supply's To Halogen And Discharge Lamps, Rotary And Slide Potentiometers To Switches.

We Stock Low Voltage Halogen Capsule And Projector Lamps For Effects.

Mixers And Powered Mixers

Repairs, Servicing And Refurbishing

Used By DJ's, Artistes And Bands To Process Audio Signals From A Vast Range Of Devices Such As Microphones, CD Players, DAT Players, Even Mobile Phones, Tablets And Computers.
The Only Differences Are The Number Of Channels And Whether It Is Powered Or Not, Powered Meaning It Has A Built In Amplifier.

Again A Very Reliable Piece Of Kit, But Sometimes They Do Develop A Fault, Usually It's A Channel Volume Control (Fader) Or A Rotary Potentiometer (Used For Bass / Mid / Treble Adjustment), Or In The Case Of It Being A Powered Mixer, A Fault With The Built In  Amp.

If Your Looking For Somewhere To Repair Your Equipment, Then You Have Found It. With Close To 30 Years In The Industry, There's Not A Lot We Can't Repair.

We Service And Repair All Brands Of Mixer, However Due To The Vast Range Of Brands Available, And Critical Components Used In Them, We May Be A Tad Slower Completing Repairs On These Items. So We Will Apologise In Advance, I Know You Want It Done Yesterday.

Everything Else

The Bits And Bobs

What We've Not Listed That We Can Repair And Service,

Smoke / Haze Machines. Twin CD Players. Single CD Players.
Active Crossovers. Graphic EQ's. Signal Processors.
Wired / Wireless Microphones. DAT Players. Turn Tables. Foot Switches.
And If I Have Missed Anything, Or You Have A Piece Of Kit Not Mentioned On Our Website Give Us A Call.

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